Dub Narcotic Sound System ‘Fuck Shit Up’ (Dub Narcotic Disco Plate, DBN102, 1994)

DNSS always and forever!


Here’s a workout video with Calvin Johnson and Dub Narcotic Sound System.  This was shot by our very own Sarah Cass in her hometown of Grand Junction, CO back in 2001.

Album Art


What a dream - nobody brings the ruckus like Dub Narcotic Sound System, and no one can sing it like Lois. When you put the two together… you get “Ship to Shore”, hone catchy-ass heartful jam.

This magic moment is from 1996 - and by golly, we’re still swooning for this song fifteen years later. Go listen and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

fifteen years? oh my golly… I have this, has it really been fifteen years?

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ArtistDub Narcotic Sound System (feat. Lois)
TitleShip to Shore (Boot Party Mix)
AlbumShip to Shore Maxi-Single EP

DNSS ‘Basemess’


Shock Mount — Dub Narcotic Sound System

Great video with awesome shots of Calvin rocking out. Beautiful people.

dub narcotic sound system ‘shock mount’

let’s have a boogie